Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny
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USA: West Allis, Kankakee
Italy: Rome, Infernetto

Delegatura Afrykańska: Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania
Kenya: Kanyakine, Nairobi
Zambia: Kabwe, Kapiri, Lusaka
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam

The Eastern Province: Bielorussia, Russia


Blessed Boleslawa Mission Family

It's a group of lay people who participate in the charisma and goal of Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family. The first community of mission family was founded in Bialystok in sisters' convent on Stoleczna St.; it was founded right after the beatification of congregation's foundress in 1991. It was, in a way, expression of lay people's interest in the charisma of the new Blessed and their inclusion into its fulfillment according to their own call. Currently, the community consists of 300 members; its centers are located by many convents: Bialystok, Komorow, Mlawa, Ciechanow, Reszel, Ketrzyn, Chelmno, Legionowo, Lodz, and Lowicz, the native place of Blessed Boleslawa. We're glad that the first groups of mission families are being organized in BieloRussia.

Everybody, despite their age or status, can belong to Blessed Boleslawa mission family. Elderly and sick can offer their sufferings for mission-ecumenical intentions; they do that spiritually.

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family organize retreat days for local communities; each year, there is nation wide retreat for them and all night vigils. Members of mission families participate in spiritual goods of congregation. Once a month, a mass is said for their intention in the Sanctuary of Blessed Boleslawa; in November there is a mass offered for members who had died.

Methods of evangelization in Blessed Boleslawa Mission Family:

  • Prayer and spiritual sacrifice for the intention of Church's unity and missions
  • Patronate prayer for one assigned missionary
  • The active participation in financial support of mission works
  • Offering help in preparing liturgical holidays in parish

Everyone has a chance to be an apostle of unity in church and in the world.

Spotkanie Rodziny Misyjnej w Mławie.
Mission family in Mlawa.

s. Lucyline z p. Wandą.
Sr. Lucyline with Wanda.

Przyjęcie nowej członkini do Wspólnoty.
Initiation of a new member.


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