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Kenya: Kanyakine, Narobi


We have our own mission in Kanyakine, Kenya, Meru diocese, located 14 km from the equator. It was established in 1990. Two sisters teach in the mission grade school. Sr. Eva runs the clinic in the village, Kithatu; she hired the nurse and a lab worker. Everyday, they see anywhere from 20 to 50 patients. People from the neighborhood and students from vocational school nearby are treated in the clinic. After so many efforts, the clinic received electricity; thanks to that, children could be vaccinated since all vaccines could be kept in special refrigerator. When patients need doctor's help, Sr. Eva takes them to the hospital. Once a week, the doctor from the diocese comes to the clinic. Sr. Eva also takes care of handicapped children. She contacts schools that those children can attend to. That way, they can learn the skills needed for independent life. There are more than 20 children.

In addition, sisters work in parish. They take care of all high schools located in parish's territory. They constantly visit each of the schools. They meet with Catholic youth, organize talks, presentation, and prayer services. Sometimes, youth from Protestant church like to participate in those activities. Sr. Imelda organizes help for orphans and children from poor families. Sister decides about the need for help upon visiting the family and identifying its situation.

Letter to Friends of the Mission

Dear Friends of the Mission,

Greetings from sunny Kenya. Our mission place in Kanyakine takes care of territories that are mostly small farms; they grow mainly beans and corn. Some grow coffee which currently doesn't bring any income. Many children in our mission don't finish school. Some were in school, some started, but after 2 or 3 years quit. There are different reasons for quitting, but the main reason is the lack of money for tuition, uniform, or treatment for malaria. To have the greater number of children finishing school, we started 3 year ago a program called "adopt the child." More than 200 children take advantage of such program. In our mission, there are still many children not attending school. Many come to us seeking help since they don't have parents or caregivers. They ask for sending them to school. I remember a little boy, Boniface, who last summer was coming to us almost everyday and asking to send him to school. He was 10; I doubted that he will last in kindergarten since it was the level he needed to start with. Seeing his determination, we sent him to school; he is doing very well, and it's a joy to watch him to be so happy. Working in Africa for past 30 years, I noticed that through education Africans can change their status and become more independent. Therefore, we appreciate all those who help them. For those who would want to join in the project of adoption, we can send a picture of "adopted child." Once a year, we send information abut child's progress in school. Each child in the program is obligated to pray for their sponsor and do the best in their studies. So far, the cost of educating one child is $100 a year. The money could be send to:

     S. Bronisława Rajkowska,
     ul. Słowackiego 11,
     05-806 Komorów,

która je nam przekaże, lub na konto misyjne naszego Zgromadzenia:

     NORDEA BANK POLSKA S.A. II Oddział w Warszawie
     Al. Jana Pawła II 25, 02-001 Warszawa
     Zgromadzenie Sióstr Misjonarek Świętej Rodziny
     Numer rach. 29 1440 1299 0000 0000 0187 6112 (PLN)

We work directly on mission territories, but without your generous help we are able to help those in need. Through your help, you're also a missionary.

God bless you
With greetings and prayer
sr. Imelda Zimińska


The formation house was built in 1989. Postulants, Juniorates, and candidates go through formation process in that house. This year, we have 3 postulants. Besides formation in our convent, they go to various presentations organized at women's religious congregations.
Two sisters juniorates started the last year of juniorate when they stay only in formation house. For them, it's a special year of deepening their relationship with Christ and become rooted in the charisma of congregation. They broaden their intellectual formation through lectures at Tangaza College.
Seven candidates are also members of our community; they are girls who desire to be the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family some day. Through participation in vocational courses, they all are learning skills for future work.
Two sisters from our convent continue studies at College. Currently, there are 15 of us including two sisters from Poland.

From Sr. Laura's letter:

In Kanyakine, people eat a hot meal once every other day. Sr. Imelda gives out corn and beans to the poorest; she bought them for money received from certain organization from Torun. Situation is bad; there is such great drought. How many will we be able to feed and prevent them from dying of hunger? The children are in the worse situation. In Nairobi, they turned off electricity and water. Lately, we have to buy water. Somehow, we manage without light. We have wooden coal for cooking; at night we light the candle.
Every so often one of us gets sick with malaria, but we don't give up. Talking about donations from Torun and Gdansk, Sr. Eva cried for joy when she received them. She didn't have any money for medicine when the epidemic of malaria came. She couldn't believe her luck. This help was such a great and joyful surprise and a proof that Divine Providence wants us here. Thanks to those donations, our efforts could be more joyous and many people will survive the drought. On our behalf, please, thank all who support us either financially or spiritually.

sr. Laura

Szkoła misyjna. Kanyakine.
Szkoła misyjna. Kanyakine.

Przychodnia w buszu.
Przychodnia w buszu.

Odwiedziny mieszkańców slumsów.
Odwiedziny mieszkańców slumsów.

S. Małgorzata uczy chłopca pisać.
S. Małgorzata uczy chłopca pisać.


S. Imelda z małymi przyjaciółmi.
S. Imelda z małymi przyjaciółmi.

S. Norberta.

S. Norberta z dziećmi niepełnosprawnymi.
S. Norberta z dziećmi niepełnosprawnymi.

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