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I. Promotion of vocations

The goal of our vocation promotion is to help a person in recognizing own vocation in the church and answer to Lord's call. The candidate for our congregation should seek out God and His will.

She should show the proper characteristics of her personality, especially in the aspect of community life and service to others. She should display the emotional maturity and responsibility, the characteristics necessary to lead a life in religious congregation, good physical and psychological health, proper intellectual development, willingness and ability to work, and good moral and spiritual predispositions.

Promacja powołań

II. Steps in formation.


Postulants and congregation start the process of mutual recognition whether God calls them to the life in our religious congregation. They're introduced to spirituality and traditions of congregation. They supplement and deepen their religious knowledge, participate in the life and works of the community, and start the inner formation.


Deepening her experiences of personal reflection, prayer, community life, studies, and practice of constitution, the novice, with the help of novice mistres, continues to get to know herself to make free and conscious choice of giving herself to Christ. She would do that through life according to evangelical advices, in the community, in love, and in obedience to church. She learns that following in footsteps of Mother foundress.


It lasts for five years, from the first profession to the last vows. It's a time of constant deepening the life of prayer, work on spiritual and religious improvement, so that a sister juniorate will be able to consciously and freely give herself to God through the final vows.

The goal of that time in formation is also to prepare sisters to work that is equal to congregation's charismatic goals.

Permanent formation

We have the obligation to continue our formation through our whole life so that we can become more like Christ and unite with Him in work on our own holiness and salvation of all people.



śluby wieczyste
Permanent Vows.

Formacja ciągła
Permanent formation.

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