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Apostolic-mission work
Various works
Ecumenical Center
Blessed Boleslawa's Mission Family
Retreat for Youth
USA: West Allis, Kankakee
Italy: Rome, Infernettoe

African Province: Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania
Kenya: Kanyakine, Nairobi
Zambia: Kabwe, Kapiri, Lusaka
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam

The Eastern Province: Bielorussia, Russia


Congregation's Spirituality

The spiritual foundation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family comes from the Holy Family whose unity was based on the Holy Trinity. Therefore, "… we need to, even in mere fraction, know more deeply the life of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Granted God's grace, we have to try to follow their footsteps" (Blessed Boleslawa Lament).
(1. Constitution)

The Holy Family, fulfilling their vocation here on earth, joined in the saving plan of God. Similarly, sisters follow the footsteps of the Holy Family joining in God's saving works. Through fulfilling their charismatic vocation, sisters have to work for the greater Glory of God.
(2. Constitution)

As Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family, called by God to work toward the unity, we need to show love, respect, humbleness, and simplicity toward each other and all people we come in contact with.
(6. Constitution)

According to our Mother Founderess, we should gain our strength from the unity with Eucharistic Jesus and devotion to His Divine Heart. Our love to Jesus' Heart has to have the element of gratification.
(7. Constitution)

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