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Italy: Rome and Infernetto

The first convent in Rome was established in 1927. Sisters opened, at that time, a dorm for poor girls. In 1993, they opened a kindergarten in the city's suburbs. However, in 1935, the General Chapter decided to withdraw sisters from the country. After many years, sisters came back to the capital city in 1972. The main reason for establishing a new convent again was to have a place to stay for studying sisters and to have easier access to the Apostolic Capitol. At first, sisters lived in two places. Later, in 1974, they settle down by Viale di Porta Adreatina.

Currently, there are two convents in Italy: Rome and Infernetto.

From 1974, the community in Rome takes care of the General House of the Missionary of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Sisters cook and clean around the house. Starting in December, 1998, sisters joined in the charitable work at St. Marcela's parish. Together with the group of lay people, sisters prepare sandwiches for about 200 poor, homeless, and immigrants, including Polish immigrants.

Here is a witness statement given by one of the sisters:
"For two hours, every Wednesday, we prepare sandwiches together with a group of lay people. Later, in the evening those sandwiches are passed out to the hungry and homeless. We joined that charitable work 2 years ago. It's a real blessing for these people who, living here in Rome, often don't have money to buy bread. Since there is a lot of needy people down here, the pastors and superiors of religious congregations decided that each day a different parish will prepare a meal; then, at a given time and location, the food will be passed on. We wanted to join in such noble effort since such service is very close to our heart, and it was passed on to us by our mother foundress. The desire was very strong and, though there is no lack of work and no time, we find the time to serve the needy. We experience first hand how Jesus helps us and rewards for that time offered to Him and not somebody else."

The community in Infernetto exists only for few years. In September, 2003, sisters arrived to the local parish of St. Thomas Apostle (Rome diocese) and settled down by the church of Mother of God of Pilgrims. The parish consists of 5, 000 families. Most of them are young families lost in today's civilization. They are in great need of evangelization. Sisters take care of two sacristies, teach religion, prepare children and youth to sacraments, and prepare readings and songs for mass. For special liturgical times, they prepare appropriate decorations. Following the tradition of congregation, every first Thursday of each month, they prepare and lead the Eucharistic adorations in the church. Two sisters from Italian communities work as full time nurses at one of the clinics in Rome. In addition to professional help, sisters take care of spiritual needs of all the sick. They make sure that each Sunday, sick receive Holy Communion; they also help in celebrating the most important liturgical holidays. The community in Infernetto tries to propagate the missionary spirit. They spread among parishioners the idea of adopting Kenyan child which is offering financial support to the most poor children in Kenya. Through that program, sisters cooperate with the missionaries in Africa. Sisters stay in touch with families of adopted children.

Sr. Patryka preparing sandwiches for the needy.
Sr. Patryka preparing sandwiches for the needy.

Sr. Zuzanna during liturgy for children
Sr. Zuzanna during liturgy for children.

S.Patryka. Posługa w klinice.
Sr. Patryka-service in the church.

Sisters helping in transportation for mass.
Sisters helping in transportation for mass.

Sr. Krystiana -work in hospital.
Sr. Krystiana -work in hospital.

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