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Blessed Boleslawa Lament Grade School
ul. Dobra 1 A in Białymstoku
Ph. (0 85) 741 57 46

Blessed Boleslawa Lament Grade School was founded in the Jubilee Year, on Sept.1, 2000 in Bialystok. Sister Emmanuela Szefel, the director of kindergarten at that time, showed the most initiative in founding the school.

School teaches in the spirit of respect for tradition, history, and national culture. At the same time, it teaches openness and respect toward other cultures and nations. If possible, the school helps children in need and those who need individual support. It offers a special program for talented children. It focuses mainly on the moral and religious formation.

Sisters offer a high quality education. They support children in developing natural curiosity in searching for truth, goodness, and beauty in the world. Sisters prepare them to recognition of moral worth, making responsible choices, and prioritizing. The lessons include variety of teaching methods with elements of educational play. Sisters make sure that children will have enough rest and exercise. In addition to basic curriculum, school offers many extra-curricular activities.

The good atmosphere in school, children's sympathy toward school, and willingness to stay in school as long as possible are strengthened by moments of celebrating together various feasts of religious and patriotic nature. For example, Christmas Eve in class, open houses, exhibition of children's art, dances, carnival ball, sports day, and plays for various occasions.

Parents have a very high opinion of school. Here is what they have to say:

  • "We're proud that our son is a student in that school. We see and appreciate the eagerness of sisters in teaching our children. We appreciate the atmosphere that exists in school. Personally, I think that this school is the oasis of peace. I know that nothing bad will happen to my child while he is in school; I know that my child will be taught to love God and respect others."

  • "Thank God that we have our school-such needed for our times. We parents believe that, thanks to the work of all teachers, our children will develop the inner richness which will help them to differentiate between good and evil and make choices according to Ten Commandments; that they will enjoy life and share that with others. We assure also of our constant willingness to help and cooperate in any way we can. "

  • "Founding of school gives me hope that our children, after graduation, will have the strength of humble Christian to become the salt of our Polish land. Personally, I regret that I didn't know any of such schools in my childhood. I'm glad, though, that my son attends such school"

Szkoła Podstawowa im. Bł. Bolesławy w Białymstoku.
Blessed Boleslawa Lament Grade School in Bialystok.

Rozpoczęcie roku szkolnego 2005/06.
Beginning of school year 2005/2006.

Na lekcji informatyki.
Computer lesson.

s. Wincenta podczas zajęć.
s. Wincenta podczas zajęć.

Kolonie w Stegnie.
Summer camp in Stegna.

Kolonie w Bukowinie.
Summer camp in Bukowina.

Social-Therapeutic Community Center - "Nazareth"

ul. Stołeczna 5 in Białymstoku
Ph. (0 85) 742 59 83

The Social-Therapeutic Community Center, "Nazareth", was founded in 1992 in the convent of Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family in Bialystok. The group of children from poor and pathological families taught by Sr. Aldona Ludwiczak inspired opening of such center. Children visiting their religion teacher always received something to eat. With time, the thought of organizing help was born; the idea was that children would not only get something to eat, but also have time to do homework and play. There are about 30 children attending the center. Their age ranges from 5 to 15. Most of those children come from poor or alcoholic families; or from families where one of the parents is having some psychological problem.

Responsibilities of the center:

  • Preparing children to the life in family and society
  • Encouraging honest life; emphasizing importance of following the rules in the spirit of the Gospel
  • Providing various therapeutic workshops
  • Working on maintaining a high level of individual culture
  • Elimination of negative behavior
  • Working on responsibility, conscientiousness, and self-discipline
  • Correcting bad experiences that children went through in their families; it's corrected throughwork in groups and individual contact; also propagation of health lifestyle
  • Educational therapy for children with disabilities such as dyslexia and speech problems
  • Tutoring
  • Cooperation with children's families
  • Planning all events at the center
  • Organizing trips to social-therapeutic camps

The goal of all works of the center is the prophylaxis. Prayer, participation in mass, saying rosary, praying Stations of the Cross, and celebration of various feasts play a major role in an upbringing of all children. Everyday, children receive one meal. Work in the center, observation of children, conversation with them, time spent with them during planned tasks, exercises, and play, is a proof that all community, children, and volunteers' effort makes a great difference. It's hard to talk about lasting and clearly visible change in the behavior of children; however, each, even the smallest change brings joy since the source of children's aggression still exists (pathological family, poor living conditions, not met physical and psychological needs, fear, and inappropriate example). We can say with joy that, in time, shy children open up, aggressive ones become kind, and those who couldn't make any friends, start doing so. Most of our children function in the group better, communicate easier with each other, and can deal better with various difficulties coming in life.

Center helps also children's families. Every year, for different occasions, center assists in buying groceries, clothes, and school supplies. During summer and winter break, children can go to various camps.

The work of teachers at the center is supported by volunteers who participate in planned events, supervise children at work and play, and land a helping hand in organizing all holiday celebrations. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in workshops offered by the center to learn the skill of a good interpersonal communication.

Children like "their" center where they can count on help and understanding. The center is their second home - very often more calm, friendly, and safe.

Dzieci ze świetlicy socjoterapeutycznej
Children from community center "Nazareth"

Dzieci z s. Alodią.
Children with Sr. Alodia.

Wspólna zabawa.
Play time.


Blessed Boleslawa Lament Kindergarten
15-339 Białystok,
ul. Zielna 16
Ph. (0 85) 745 28 33

05-806 Komorów, ul. Prusa 4
Ph. (0 22) 759 12 75

05-120 Legionowo, ul. Sowińskiego 17
Ph. (0 22) 784 03 04

34-500 Zakopane, Krzeptówki Potok 12
Ph. (0 18) 201 21 13

Blessed Boleslawa Lament Non-public Integration Kindergarten
20-434 Lublin, ul. Kochanowskiego 34
(0 81) 748 64 81
skype: promyczki-lublin

Trying to influence work toward the unity in families, we run five kindergartens in Poland: in Bialystok, Zakopane, Legionowo, Komorow, and Lublin; the last being an integration kindergarten.

Supporting family in upbringing children in the spirit of integration, we hope that such help will also be an opportunity for evangelization of both child and parents. Sisters care about strengthening the bound between parents and children through various communication forms; for example, organizing meetings, carnivals, plays, field trips, and offering professional help in raising children. Sisters organize meetings of spiritual and educational nature: retreat days, masses, talks, presentations on various aspects of raising children.

Children from different families attend our kindergarten; children of practicing Catholics, from broken families, and those religiously ignorant. The challenge for sisters is to be witnesses of true and uniting love of God. While teaching, sisters try to get to know children, their families, their environment, abilities, and expectations. The smile on child's face is a proof that our kindergartens offer the feeling of safety, acceptance, and emotional balance.

The friendly, family-like atmosphere of our kindergartens comes not only from good equipment, but mostly from the specific call of Missionary Sisters. It's a result of their eagerness which is actually a tradition flowing from the charisma of congregation.

Przedszkole w Komorowie

Przedszkole w Komorowie
Kindergarten in Komorow.

Dzieci pod kierunkiem s. Eligii obserwują jesień.
Children observe changes in fall under direction of Sr. Eligia.

Przedszkole w Zakopanem.
Kindergarten in Zakopane.

Przedszkole Integracyjne w Lublinie

Przedszkole Integracyjne w Lublinie
Inclusion kindergarten in Lublin.

Bal karnawałowy.
Carnival ball.

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