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Zofia Ch. Thank you for healing my nephew:
I wish to thank for healing my nephew from very serious heart illness. When, according to the human opinion, there was no hope, I received the holy card with the Blessed Boleslawa. I prayed to her with great trust. Today, my nephew is feeling very well. He doesn't need an operation anymore. I would like to thank Boleslawa Lament for that grace.

Krzysztof S. Thank you for relief in my suffering after breaking both my legs and spine:
I received the grace through the intercession of Mother Boleslawa Lament. I'm 18 and already retired after breaking both my legs and spine. I was sick for a long time. The pain in my legs was often unbearable. After praying to Mother Boleslawa, I felt great relief in my legs. The pain disappeared and, in general, I feel well.

Ewa Z. Thank you for the grace of health:
Through the intercession of Blessed Boleslawa Lament, I received the grace of health. In June and the beginning of August, I was in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, I still felt ill. For August 26, 1995, I planned my wedding and the reception. Feeling not well, I was afraid that on the day of my wedding I will end up in the hospital. Through the intercession of Blessed Boleslawa, I prayed and asked for healing and good wedding day. My prayer was heard and answered. Three days before wedding, I felt fine and the signs of sickness had disappeared. Smiling, I danced through my whole wedding. I thought that maybe something will happen to me, but I strongly believed that God will help me. It has been two weeks after my wedding. I still feel fine.

Katarzyna K. . Thank you for finding a job:
I want to tell you, dear sisters, that through the intercession of Blessed Boleslawa, I found a job. Through the long period of looking for a job, I lost hope. I thought that, as a young teacher, I will not find a full time job. The miracle happened. After Sunday mass, I received the holy card with the prayer to Blessed Boleslawa Lament. After a week of prayer through her intercession, I was offered a job in an elementary school. Right now, I'm very happy. I feel more useful and headaches had disappeared. I hope that Blessed Boleslawa will be always a friend to my family and me to whom we will entrust our joys and struggles of everyday life. I'm very grateful to Blessed Boleslawa for her care given to me.

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