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May they be one

During this mass, we remember, in a special way, one person who guarded the ways of the Eternal Wisdom and found the life and grace with God.

Forty five years ago, the God's Servant, Boleslawa Lament died here in Bialystok. She founded the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family. Today, she became one of the blessed in the church. This daughter of the Lowicz city was called by God to establish catholic dorms and other places of spiritual care in a distant Petersburg, Mohylew, and Zytomierz. After World War I, she sent her sisters to serve God in Pinsk, Bialystok, and Wilno. Many times, her work was challenged by countless obstacles. Twice, she lived through the total loss of everything the congregation had. Often, she and her sisters would go hungry and homeless. In those times, she would gain her strength through the prayer taken from Ignatius' spirituality, "Everything for the greater Glory of God." The last five years of her life, she spent being paralyzed, but also patient and prayerful.

During her whole life, Blessed Boleslawa was extremely compassionate toward poor people. She was moved with the fate of those discriminated by society, addicts, and even criminals.

She was holding herself responsible for the whole church and felt the lack of the unity in Christ's church. In her own life, Boleslawa experienced various differences between nationalities and religions. Political situation at that time would deepen even more those differences. Therefore, the main goal of her personal as well as her congregation's life was to work toward the unity of the church. She desired the same unity as Jesus when He prayed during the Last Supper: "Father, keep them in Your Name that You gave me, may they be one."

Mother Lament worked toward the unity of the church especially in places where the division was extremely visible. She wasn't afraid of trying anything that would strengthen the faith and ignite the love of God in the hearts of people. She would do everything to bring together catholics and orthodox christians. She used to say: "...may we all love one another and become one... ." Mother Boleslawa felt that the work toward the unity of the church, especially on Soviet Union territories, was a special grace of Divine Providence. Her tireless service for the unity of the church proved that, long before the Vatican Council II, Boleslawa became the ecumenical servant in her everyday life through love.

Starting today, God's people in Poland and places of Boleslawa's apostolic work may call for an intercession of Blessed Boleslawa in the liturgical prayer of the church. They should also follow the example of her life.

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