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Beatification Process

The memory of Mother Boleslawa’s life and her virtues stayed very vivid in the minds of sisters and lay people who came in contact with her. Those who knew her praised her great character, the purity of customs, strong faith, trust, and unconditional love of God and people.

In 1965-1973, the special committee gathered the memories about Mother Boleslawa. Those memories came from the sisters and all who worked with the congregation. These people, at some point of their lives, lived or had contact with Mother Boleslawa. During these years, all the documents needed for beatification were gathered and the biography of Mother Boleslawa was written.

On September 3, 1973, Bishop Henryk Gulbinowicz, who serves right now as Bishop of Wroclaw, placed the application in which he asked for starting the process of recognizing the holiness and heroic virtues of Mother Boleslawa’s life. On April 5, 1976, the Congregation for the Cause of Saints issued an appropriate document allowing for that to happen. The declaration of that document took place in a special celebration in the Bialystok Cathedral in September 26, 1976. The beatification committee had its first session on October 22, 1976. It interviewed the witnesses and gathered proper documentation. The session ended on November 8, 1979.

On January 22, 1991, the heroic virtues of Mother Boleslawa were recognized by the Holy Father, John Paul II. That day was the exact day of Boleslawa’s first vows that she took 85 years earlier in Mohylew, Russia.

The process of the miraculous healing through the intercession of Mother Boleslawa took place in 1983. The miracle was the sudden healing of Sister Ada Tobiaszewska’s arm. As a missionary sister of the Holy Family, she was in a car accident while doing missionary work in Zambia, Africa. As the witnesses in the process stated, Sr. Ada suffered greatly and had paralyzed arm. The whole congregation was praying for her healing through the intercession of the God’s Servant Boleslawa Lament. The sudden healing happened in the convent located in Bialystok, Dabrowski Street during the novena to the Mother of Divine Mercy in Ostra Brama.

On June 5, 1991, the Holy Father John Paul II, beatified Boleslawa Lament during the forth pilgrimage to his homeland. The beatification mass took place in Bialystok.

Sisters thank the Holy Father for claiming the document about the miracle
Sisters thank the Holy Father for claiming the document about the miracle


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